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What we are looking for

Strong partnerships

For AOP Orphan, partnerships can go both ways – as a partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to place their product in AOP Orphan’s core markets (in-licensing) and as a licensor for in-house developments that will be distributed by partners in other countries (out-licensing). In both cases, a trusting collaboration is based on having equal footing, seriousness, expertise and passion for the matter at hand.

Partnerships concentrate essentially on the key treatment areas of cardiology & pulmonology, hemotology & oncology, and neurology & psychiatry. In addition to this, AOP Orphan is also open to other treatment areas in the field of rare diseases as well as for special products.

The complexity of the treatment areas requires long-term cooperation with all stakeholders in the healthcare system. For this reason, partnerships are usually designed to continue for an extended period of time beyond the product life cycle.


For AOP Orphan, in-licensing means obtaining exclusive marketing rights for a product in a specific region – preferably in the core markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the Baltic states, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

In addition to these markets, AOP Orphan is also active in France, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Depending on agreements and requirements, AOP Orphan carries out

  • R&D projects
  • Therapy-specific (technical) solutions and services
  • Marketing & Selling
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • GXM Agenda

Office:           Barcelona, Spain
Product:         Adasuve
URL:               www.ferrer.com

Office:           Maryland, US 
Product:         Remodulin
URL:               www.unither.com

Office:           Cambridge, US 
Product:         Lojuxta 
URL:               www.aegerion.com

Office:           Vancouver, Canada 
Product:         Aggrastat & Brinavess 
URL:               www.cardiome.com

Office:           Freiburg, Germany 
Product:         Busilvex 
URL:               http://www.oncosite.dewww.oncosite.de



Within the framework of out-licensing, AOP Orphan issues marketing rights for products developed in-house. This relates particularly to regions where AOP Orphan does not pursue any commercial activities with its own employees.

Our licensing partners are active in North and South America, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia and Russia.

The partnering process

AOP Orphan takes different paths to find partners. On the one hand, the company’s business development experts use international congresses to find out about interesting projects or innovative drugs and to make new contacts. On the other, AOP Orphan also makes use of partnering agents that highlight potential collaborations and pave the way for in-depth talks.