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Case studies

Successful together

United Therapeutics
The collaboration of 15 years between AOP Orphan and the biotechnology company United Therapeutics Corporation demonstrates a best practice example of business cooperation. The Austrian company AOP Orphan helps provide a gateway for United Therapeutics to many countries in both Central and Eastern Europe, and by extension into the Middle East. AOP Orphan has been able to successfully market the complex product Remodulin® (treprostinil) Injection in AOP's core markets in Central Europe, Germany, Switzerland and also to supply Remodulin in most of the Middle East. All this despite the fact that the markets are very heterogeneous. This was made possible primarily thanks to AOP Orphan’s excellent position in the individual countries with its own local employees. Particular emphasis is placed on ethical marketing and compliance practices in this partnership – with the highest internal standards for implementation and quality control. While these ethical practices represent a special challenge in this highly complex territory, it can be mastered to the highest standards thanks to AOP Orphan’s direct presence in the market with its own employees. Remodulin is used to treat a rare orphan disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) (high blood pressure in the lungs) 

AOP Orphan also has another successful partnership in place with Ferrer, an internationally active pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona that is owner-managed (like AOP Orphan) and has a very similar corporate culture. The two partners ideally complement each other with regard to their strong focus on neurology and psychiatry, and both are well connected with the scientific community due to their intensive research activities in this area. The companies also complement each other in terms of their geographical area of activity: Ferrer markets the anti-psychotic drug Adasuve – which represents an innovative approach to treat agitation among patients suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorders – in its core markets, i.e. in EU countries with a Latin-based language, South America and Germany. AOP Orphan, on the other hand, is the commercial partner for all other EU countries and Switzerland, being able to score points locally with sales teams that have a strong scientific grounding.

Successful together

Furthermore AOP Orphan is able to demonstrate its expertise in connection with so-called ultra-rare diseases. For instance, AOP Orphan has the medicinal product Lojuxta by the American company Aegerion in its portfolio, which is used to treat homozygous familiar hypercholesterolemia (HoFH). Up to now there have only been limited treatment options for HoFH. With its research, Aegerion is a pioneer in this area, however the company lacks the know-how about Central European markets and market access processes. This is why the partnership turned out to be exceptionally fruitful for both parties.