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About us

AOP Orphan develops products in-house for promising niche indications or therapy areas in which there are still no satisfactory treatments.

AOP Orphan enters into partnerships, bringing its specific market expertise to make the innovative products of its partners accessible to patients.

As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, AOP Orphan has a comprehensive, high-performance and, at the same time, lean structure that meets all of its requirements – from research and regulatory affairs to marketing and sales.

AOP Orphan is the company in the market in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Russia and the Middle East. AOP Orphan is present in all regions with its own local experts and employees.

AOP Orphan offers a one-stop-shop approach for all of these markets. Start-ups in particular appreciate being able to access all the desired markets in this area with just one partner.

AOP Orphan scores points with excellent research and market know-how in defined treatment areas– with the help of qualified in-house experts and close ties to the scientific community.

A major part of its commercial success is based on business development for in-licensed products. Half of the company’s annual revenue is attributable to this segment. AOP Orphan has opened the door to key markets for companies such as United Therapeutics, Cardiome, Aegerion and Ferrer. On the other hand, medicinal products developed by AOP Orphan could also be marketed through partners in other promising regions such as South America, Canada or Northern Europe.

AOP Orphan - Pioneer in Rare Diseases

What distinguishes AOP Orphan? And what sets us apart from larger companies? Watch an interview with Douglas John Lloyd-Fell (Manager Business Development).


The strengths of AOP Orphan 

AOP Orphan has positioned itself as a fully integrated yet comparatively small (and therefore flexible) company. In an interview, Georg Fischer (Director Business Development) and Douglas John Lloyd-Fell (Manager Business Development) cite the company’s deep understanding of the market together with its excellent research and product development expertise as its particular strengths.


The one-stop-approach

AOP Orphan is able to offer its partners a one-stop-shop solution. Georg Fischer (Director Business Development) and Douglas John Lloyd-Fell (Manager Business Development) outline exactly what this means.


AOP Orphan as partner in research and commercialization

AOP Orphan focuses on rare diseases and very specific indications, having successfully established a number of successful partnerships in this segment – both in research and marketing. Georg Fischer (Director Business Development) and Douglas John Lloyd-Fell (Manager Business Development) provide examples and explain the cooperation.




Partnering with AOP Orphan

Georg Fischer (Director Business Development) sets out clearly for which companies AOP Orphan may be an interesting partner. And Douglas John Lloyd-Fell (Manager Business Development) describes how the partnering process normally unfolds and in which areas we put particular emphasis.